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2018-04-05 21:28

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The author begins this book by focusing on the bees circulating in his garden, pollinating the plants. He recognizes that the flowers have gone out of their way to develop trends/tricks that make them more appealing to the main pollinator of our age. Of course, the lack of agency in the bee (after all, it is 'programmed' to do this) is ignored when humans go apesh%t over a different type of plant. The author makes us take a step back and recognize that when we spread a plant's genes far and wide, we are really acting no differently from the buzzing bee. This insight starts a four part look at 4 different species that we have taken from one of many, to nature's elite: the apple; the tulip' the pot plant and the potato, specifically the Monsanto variety. The potato comes last, and really for this section to be relevatory and groundbreaking, you need to NOT have head the Omnivore's Dilemma first, another one of his books which delves much more thoroughly on this subject. Sadly, this section actually makes me appreciate GM modified food, only because when you learn what a 'clean field' is, which is the normal growing conditions for Idaho spuds, GM really does manage to leap over what is an impossibly low bar set by our industrial agriculture. Also, you get to read about when a Monsanto executive actually utters the words: trust us. The author finds that as comical as every other human being on the planet. But really, the other three sections describing how the apple was spread by Johnny Applesead as a way to get people loaded, the tulip crazy got crazy over a misfiring genetic 'break' which actually weakens the plant, and how pot's ability make you forget and take away the affective filter we constantly carry through our lives as a rational way to cope does the book really hum. Pollan does what great authors do; makes you look at what you thought was common-place and restore your sense of wonder. Did you know that apples have to be grafted because the seeds are so amazingly diverse that your delicious tree that made the most mouth watering apples ever might produce progeny that you would sooner spit on than eat? Or how about the the uniformity of the tulip is broken by a viral infection which makes a unique pattern which gradually weakens the strain (the beautiful flower that got the Dutch so hot and bothered) until it fades away (very rock-star-esque if you ask me). Or how about how the drug war in America forced US pot growers underground, sent them to Amsterdam, and ended up crossing the two plants (sativa and indica) to produce these genetic freaks that only grow 2 feet tall, constantly flower and really need to be studied more because it turns out that some of the goofy side effects might be much more significant than we were lead to believe: or perhaps you want the human body to be able to remember every single face you see on the subway today and you want to be able to recall with crystal-clear vividness and clarity the pain of childbirth? Perhaps the best compliment I can pay his book is made me want to put down roots so I can nurture a garden, a feeling I haven't had for a long time.

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