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2018-04-17 13:41

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Many years ago, a bunch of refugees were traveling, when their ship crashed on Earth. The survivors formed a secret council known as the Underworld Council. The council is composed of incubus, sirens, werewolves, vampires, and valkyries. Most recently the council has allowed humans to have a seat in the council. Lukas Sebastiani is an incubus. His father is the president of the Council. Lukas works for Sebastiani Security. Scarlett Fontaine is the lead singer in a rock band. She is also a siren. Scarlett has been on the road for a long time and is ready for some rest and relaxation. Unfortunately, someone has other plans. Someone is attacking the people around Scarlett. It is up to Lukas to protect Scarlett, though who will protect him from Scarlett? Taste Me is the first book in a brand new series called the Underbelly Chronicles. Not to be mistaken for paranormal but this book is definitely urban fantasy. It is darker, edgier, sensual and way hotter than paranormal. I thought Scarlett and Lukas were hot together, though the romance did not start until about middle way into the book. The story line surrounding the attacks was exciting. While I did enjoy this book and liked the various different characters in this story, I did wish that there was more happening. It did feel like the first book in a series with the build up to where the next book would be even better. Taste Me is a yummy morsel to what author, Tamara Hogan has to offer.

Okuyucu Hamid Gulrani itibaren Tajar-e Alavi, Hamedan, Iran

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