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2018-04-15 14:40

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I finally read this extremely popular book. Typically I don't read a lot of best sellers, but there was an awful lot of hype about Harry Potter and those books ended up being good. So I figured it was worth a shot. Not really. This book was very silly. The writing felt so immature. The author seriously overuses superlatives, and adjectives/adverbs in general. It was overly dramatic and really did remind me of Dawson's Creek. Endless drivel from horomone-ridden teenagers about their feelings for each other. Also, I felt that there were several plot holes where things just didn't make sense or weren't emotionally realistic. The character of Bella was emotionally flat and very unappealing to me. She was also very shallow--apparently obsessed with Edward's physical beauty and very little else about him. Oh, and an extremely weak, pathetic damsel in distress who is completely 100% reliant on a male figure to care for her (and control her). But at least she's a good cook! Having said that, the last fifth of the book was much better than everything that preceeded it. Once Edward and Bella got together, and finally stopped their drawn-out agonizing over "does he like me?" and "how can a human and a vampire possibly be together?" it was better. There was more of an actual plot and some adventures/conundrums that did draw me in a little bit (although Bella still irritated me). So I am hopeful that perhaps the next books in the series are somewhat better than this one. Just as long as the agonizing over whether Bella and Edward can stay together is kept to a minimum.

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