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2018-04-16 09:40

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Not the best Collins. In fact after not being able to finish Armadale (I'll try again someday, perhaps) I find that perhaps I'm not as big a Collins fan as I thought. I loved WinW & The Moonstone, but they definitely belong in the fluffy, but high-quality entertainment category of my reading and are not every day fare. This one finally got me interested when (view spoiler) But that was 1/2 way into the very large book. Not at all like the books I mentioned above that suck you in within the first few pages. The book definitely reflects Collins own unorthodox views on the importance of marriage and could possibly (how could I know, though? It's just a supposition)reflect his worries for his own illegitimate children and their futures. Some things just didn't really work totally together in the story. Mrs. LeCount was an annoying foil, not living up to the amazing example of, say, the much more convincing and fun to read about Count Fosco of WinW. She was just lame and I found myself so frustrated by her "cleverness." Also, it was very unconvincing that she just (view spoiler). However, the Wragge couple are some of the most delightful characters in all of literature, they are what made the book worth reading. (view spoiler) All in all, fun read, but not the best Collins. Enjoyable enough, don't need to wish my hours spent back, but it was slightly disappointing. I have to add that it was not my intention to slur Collins' name by stating his "unorthodox" views and their opposition to my own. I really don't care about that, even though I don't believe his personal lifestyle choices to have been the very best. It's more that the way they were written into this book just didn't really work out. The social mores he tried to flip onto their bellies were a little stronger at that time, thus pieces of this story are just a little unconvincing.

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