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2018-04-07 13:40

The Hand (Kesik El) ÇevrimiçiOkuyucu

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Such a sad beautiful story! I don't usually read melancholic stories but somehow this book just draws me in. Frankly, I dislike all the characters in this but I love how each of their stories are being told by the author. There are various parts where I had to put the book down just because I can't handle the emotions being portrayed by the characters at that time. Yet strangely, every time I do that, the next moment I'll pick it up because I just have to know what happens next. Honestly, I'm actually surprised that these youngsters are so full of pessimism and most times helplessly succumb to their deepest, darkest emotions. I could never identify with either of them. When I was that age, life was just beginning and seemed so exciting. I can remember the nervousness of starting my first adult job, hanging out with friends to boast or complain about the current happenings in our lives and just enjoying everything as an adult at last. Yes, it's scary not to be a teenager anymore, the responsibilities on one's shoulder are now more daunting and most times, it's confusing trying to be an adult when the mind and heart is still a teenager but never once was I sad or depressed. So it amazes me that every character in this book is depressed - all of them are sad in their own unique way, at various levels. If I were to rate them, it wouldn't be from most favourite to the least but from the sad to the emotionally distraught that death is the only cure. Even for the most optimistic characters, Midori and Nagasawa, I can feel there's a layer of emotional pain that wraps around their so-called chest-beating statements. To these young individuals, Death is not an end to itself. To them, Death "... was not a decisive element that brought life to an end. There, death was but one of the elements comprising life" (p.360) .

2018-04-07 16:41

Derspektif Yayınları Ygs Fizik 2 Si 1 Arada Sana Özel İkinci E-Kitap Eki İle Tamamı Çözümlü ÇevrimiçiOkuyucu

Tarafından yazılmış kitap Yazar: Derspektif Yayınları

Ahhhh...Michael Pollan, how do I love thee? I can't possibly recommend any of Pollan's books with enough emphasis. He has good ideas, a clear and pleasant writing style, is thought provoking, funny, and real. He really want to draw you into his book, making it into less of a one-sided thing -- he writes/you read -- and more into a conversation of thoughts. At least that is my interpretation and the feeling I come away with after one of his excellent books. Second Nature is one of his older works (1991). He uses his experiences in his garden, his experiments, triumphs, failures, projects, and musings to look at the Garden as the intersection of Nature and Culture. He makes such a good case that I felt proud and righteous thinking of all the hard work we do on our small plot of land to garden it. I learned a lot about gardening basics. I learned more about American attitudes to gardens, lawns, and nature. It was awesome. The chapter "The Idea of a Garden" (chapter 10) should be required reading for each and every environmentalist and/or eco-terrorist. And it should be required reading for you too. Really, anyone who loves the land, has turned a spade of compost, sighed over a seed catalog, or simply had a small flower on the windowsill of a cramped apartment should read this book. It has the potential to change the way you look at the 'natural' and 'cultivated' gardens of the world -- including your own.

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