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2018-04-04 03:41

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Reading this series requires an unusual degree of commitment. After a gorgeous cover of a hot native american with raven-coloured wings on his back and indescribable open-mouthed endings of Awakened (particularly involved with a kid and a woman who got their throat slit and a very POV-creepy sex.. yeah, its YA.. no kidding), I was definitely looking forward for this book. At some point, I was reading through the book amidst unexpected offline guests and trying to satisfy three toddlers' obsessions over Boboiboy and Angry Birds parody, I was reading this book on-off until the end. It was satisfying, gruesome and expected... but sadly got me thinking, 2 books publication per year is too slow for the series and me. How on earth I was able to stay this long baffled me. But I persisted. Somehow after 9 + 1 books, I was able to admit to myself. I am a very loyal bookworm. I'm glad the book amuses me with references of Game of Thrones and Shaunee's finally able to breakthrough her half-self with Erin (coincidently she is the persistent comic humor character of the last 8 books) and I breath a sigh of relief. Rephraim and Kalona was likeable as ever. Zoey is slowly dying on me. Cute cute cute... when will the good stuff start? Oh... right... it ended like that... figures.... You shouldn't have put that scene in the previous book btw. I'd expected someone to die like what CW's "The Vampire Diaries" writers had done to every of its main character (Elena, Damon, Stefan, Caroline, Tyler, Alaric etc), but sadly, I am familiar with the age group. Stunts like that would make everyone go turn-offed. So help me, Missus Casts, please end this series and make a side series already. Where's the final battle, I want the final battle. Dont prolong the pain and disappoints us all again and again and again. 4 years is too long. I had my degree in this 4 years. Its still weirdly comforting that I could last this long to a book series. But all book things need to end. I'm begging you. Don't prolong this agony. GIMME THE FINAL BOSS FIGHT. Neferet is annoying me for years now.

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