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2019-08-09 21:40

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Given that I purchased this book at a Friends of the Library booksale for a dollar (Don't you just love their book sales?), I would say that this book was well worth the investment. That being said, I don't think I'll be running out to pay full price for the next installment of the Melanie-series that is apparently scheduled to be released later this year. Perhaps I will check it out of the library. After finishing the book, I did a little research on other books that she had previously written. She appears to be quite a genre hopper--a couple light romantic comedies, a couple of the heartstring-pulling dramas, a Gothic novel, and even a time-travelling romance. The only commonality seems to be that they are all set in the South. For this novel, she chose pull her fascination for multiple genres into a single book. She's got the dashing younger man as a love interest (actually, two dashing young men, if you want to count the one that's only seducing her for possible financial gain); the estranged, recovering alcholic father; a ~70 year old kidnapping?/murder? mystery; a hunt for hiden Civil War treasure; and, to top it all off, a heroine that sees dead people. It should be absolutely ludicrious. I was expecting myself to be scoffing my way through the entire book, but some how I wasn't. And I enjoyed myself and finished the book in only a couple of days.

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